The brand BMW is one of the brands with the most user-generated content online. Especially in social media channels and video platforms like YouTube thousands of videos can be found when searching for “BMW”. But as BMW was not officially part of these channels, users did not have access to official BMW brand material and did not receive the preferred brand message but sometimes negative brand messages instead.


During my 6-month internship at “Marketing Innovations” at the BMW Group in Munich I was able to work on a pilot project called BMW Web TV. Within this project I supported the project manager in creating a concept and implementing a pilot video on-demand platform for the brand BMW. I was especially responsible for steering the external agencies and overseeing the project implementation.


BMW Web TV was a global hub for video material around the brand BMW. From motor sports to background information like interviews with designers and engineers, users were able to access a broad variety of videos. With a complex seeding concept all videos were spread apon multiple video platforms like YouTube, iTunes, etc. As the regional pilot project was very successful, BMW has now implemented a global BMW TV and YouTube channel.